What is a Real Christian?

My entire life has been dedicated to this cause. I’ve written much about it. Preached and taught about it. Have tried to live my life in an exemplary way.

And even now at my age my burden for the Church and churches continues to grow. I’m speaking to leaders more than I ever have before. I wrote 4 books in the past year, and just spontaneously wrote another in the last two days. Can you believe it? A fountain of glory and revelation has opened over my life. Day and night the urgency continues to increase in intensity.

Please read what I’ve written. A number of my books are for pastors and ministers. In fact, I can guarantee that you’d be a better vessel for the Lord if you read them all. Look them up on Amazon under my name or go to our Holy Fire Ministries website.

Pastors and local church elders and leaders, we have got to step it up!



At the dawn of the new millennium, well-known leaders of the Protestant, Evangelical world—including Jack Hayford, Tony Evans, Crawford Loritts, Henry Blackaby, Anne Graham Lotz, Kay Arthur, and Bill McCartney—produced a video that was distributed to 300,000 religious organizations in the United States. In it was a clear testimony of the church’s perilous moral and spiritual decline and desperate need for revival. Here are a few quotes from the video[1]:

•“America is a reflection of the condition of the people of God, the churches.”

•“In a recent research study, out of 66 lifestyle categories, Christians are not demonstrably different than non-Christians in ANY of the 66 categories.”

•“Christians have no credible moral voice in this nation.”