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“I will use what I can to get the attention of those in Me. But there will come a day that will change everything. In fact, there will be a series of several specific days over months that will change things, leading to a big day that seals those previous days.

“Right now, many are examining their love, due in part to what they see in the world (the politics, instability, evil, corruption, and ugliness of it all), some out of fear, and, for many, these things are leading them to rearrange their heart to stop their affair with the world and its culture, and return to Me.

“Others sense a stirring and deep dissatisfaction within (that has, in fact, been there for some time), brought to their attention by many things coming together in their world to cause this sudden awareness deep within.

“I am working a deep desire within many to simply grow in Me, for they have finally exhausted themselves with the world and false religion and now seek Me in purity, but many don’t know where to turn.

“This is a work of the heart I am doing, for I will use anything I can to get the attention of those in Me. Lines are being drawn, decisions are being made, and soon it will become clear who is in Me and who is not.

The time is approaching in this nation in which a person’s faith will be precious to them. Faith in Me will become precious for many, something cherished, nurtured, and protected, while others will cast Me aside.” — John C. Fenn

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