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Why Churches Must Cultivate a Culture of God's Presence and the Spirit's Power

Here is a recent revelatory Spirit-inspired utterance from a minister I greatly respect.

"You're going to see a change-over of the generations (in the body and in politics). In the coming days, weeks and months several notable ministers will die (and there will also be political turnover in the future). Look at the generation that is taking their place. There are no 'big names' as in times past for this move is a move of the body."

I've been saying the same thing for some time now, only in greater judgment. We will see the days of Ananias and Sapphira again. We are going to witness what I call "judgment miracles."

Since this prophecy, a number of notable ministers have gone on to be with the Lord, so a part of it has already come to pass, thereby proving its accuracy.

Focus on God, Not Man

In a recent conversation with friends, I was telling them of the number of prominent ministers who have gone to heaven in the last 20 years. All of them were pioneers in their various fields and callings. They were men full of the Word and the Spirit. I was asking my friends who will take their place. Who is carrying what they carried? I realize now that I was looking at it at least partly from a man-centered perspective.

Although God will continue to use individuals and the ministry gifts as He always has, today's focus is more on the body of Christ and not as much on the marketing of big-name ministries and trendy themes in the church as in the past.

The prophecy continued with a warning:

Be warned, though. You will hear of people trying to market the Father's presence as other themes have been marketed and risen and fallen over the years in My body, and many will run here and there to be "in the Presence." But the true move is a move of purity, where the Father's presence will be known, and those who experience Him will know the sacredness of their time in the Spirit. They will value and esteem time in the Spirit and hold it dear to them. These are not interested in having their ears tickled, nor do they want merely an experience—they long for our abiding Presence in their lives. They are throwing off the shackles of man-made religion and running to the Father with desperation. Didn't I say the Father seeks those to worship Him in spirit and truth? These are the days you will see a mighty move in this area.

Seek God's Presence and Revelation

Oh, how the babe leaps in my womb when I read that! Yes! Yes! And again I say, yes! This is one of the great God-ordained purposes of our own calling and ministry right now—to shape the hearts of ministers, pastors, church leaders and individuals in the body of Christ so they will savor the dynamic presence of God and time in the Spirit.

The whole body of Christ functions by revelation; therefore. the most important thing we can do in our gatherings and church meetings is to seek His presence and revelation. This may come through inspired teaching and discussion, worship, a time of silence in His presence and ministry to others whereby the gifts of the Spirit may flow (1 Cor. 14:26). I just know this: If we truly enter His presence when we meet, the rest falls into place.

Let's not miss the purity of our gatherings because of their numerical smallness, absence of hype and popularity of big names. The important thing is that His presence is in manifestation, and revelation is flowing. We can all be in the Lord's presence and be filled with His Spirit, individually and corporately.

Note: A large part of Carolyn's and my assignment in this season of our lives and ministry is to cultivate a culture in the body of Christ and in local churches for the move and manifestations of the Holy Spirit—to shape the hearts of believers and church leaders/pastors/ministers and help them move into a place where they savor the Spirit's pure move and presence. Our Holy Ghost Forums are one of the platforms that serve this God-ordained purpose.

Pay attention! Savor the scent and the fragrance of the move and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It's in His presence where your soul shall be like a watered garden as you are filled with Him in these days of increased glory in the midst of gross darkness.

Taste and see that the Lord is good!

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