Why the Church Must Return to a True Biblical Standard for Leadership

I love to read and meditate on Paul's farewell speech to the Ephesian elders and his reference to the transforming power and potency of his personal example. It marks his heart for the elders, who were appointed to care for the churches.

"We will have many memories of our time together in Ephesus; but of all the memories, most of all I want you to remember my way of life" (Acts 20:18b, VOICE).

"You must be on guard, and you must remember my way of life among you..." (Acts 20:31b).

"Remember my example: I never once coveted a single coin of silver or gold. I never looked twice at someone's fine clothing. No, you know this: I worked with my own two hands making tents, and I paid my own expenses and my companions' expenses as well. This is my last gift to you, this example of a way of life: a life of hard work, a life of helping the weak, a life that echoes every day those words of Jesus our King, who said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:33-35).

In a day when spiritual leaders place great emphasis on positions, titles and degrees, these Scriptures are a sober reminder of the true portion of an apostle and/or an elder. I believe every apostle and elder in the body of Christ needs to read and meditate on these sections of Scripture on a regular basis.

How many are ready to stand in line and be counted among the ranks of those whom Jesus calls apostles and elders?

Peter's Example