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Intercession fell on us at Freedom Church in Pensacola on Wednesday night. That’s me and the two main pastoral leaders on our faces at the altar. Well, one, senior leader Arnie McCall, is on his back once the burden lifted and we prayed through. The other leader is Tony Chavez who has come through a season of severe health trials also.

It seems many of God’s people have come through a time of testing and trial in preparation for this next wave of God’s Spirit that is at the door. There was a wonderful presence of the Lord in that meeting with the fear of the Lord, much conviction, and the spirit of prayer. Those three attributes will mark many of our sacred gatherings moving forward with miracles and holy eruptions of joy and praise. The move of God must first begin with this kind of praying.

We left Pensacola yesterday and stopped for lunch in Lake City to visit with another one of our evangelist friends and former students, Andy Bailey, and his wife. He was recently delivered from a sure death sentence, and has a powerful testimony. I’m so honored to have a small part in some of these champions of faith. He will be going with me to Guinea Bissau and probably come to one of our Holy Ghost Forums. These Forums are growing in momentum as divine connections are being made all across the country in the underground Church of the body of Christ.

Carolyn and I are presently in the Orlando area and will be ministering tonight and tomorrow morning at River Of Fire in Davenport, led by Saul Tapias and Pamela Tapias, another underground church in America. See ad of details below. Then we will be connecting all week with a few CFAN evangelists.

The Lord has dealt with me about the time of harvest we are now entering into, and I’ve declared 2022 as the year of the evangelist as we are spearheading major invasions both overseas and in America.

Please share this post and spread the love, and excitement. Be looking on our website (click here) for details on upcoming Spring and Summer Forums in different regions of the country. And please, please don’t forget to purchase our latest book, THE SUPERNATURAL CHURCH OF LOVE AND POWER, on Amazon . This book was written from a place of brokenness in the furnace of affliction. It will bless you mightily, I promise.

Look what the Lord has done! And to think that the devil nearly took Carolyn and I out in 2020-2021.


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