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It’s a new place in the Spirit. A fresh new dimension of God’s glory. It’s a God given wisdom to look at most situations and know the mind of Christ in it, and discern the will of God. It’s the ability to look at someone and love them no matter who they are or what they’ve done. This was all manifested in my life after I was healed and delivered from a demonic attack.

I refused to blame God for this lengthy fiery trial.

Carolyn also suffered much. She had seven surgeries during this period and at times bore excruciating pain. It was her words from the Lord that saved my soul from being permanently crushed. I kept thinking of Job and how he suffered so much. But in the end he was highly blessed and his latter days were better than his beginnings. I had hope it would be the same with me and Carolyn.

Well, here I am running again with renewed strength and revelation as fast as I can. Additionally, this divine love pounds my heart every day as I seek for ways to bless others. Abiding within me is a special love for the younger generations. A fathering heart now possesses me, and my eyes see everything through that lense. I feel young and so alive again. Like I’ve gone to heaven and back. Jesus walks with me as a Friend, and my love for Him has taken on a new dimension. My delight is to do the will of the Father. This is now a dwelling place for me and a permanent upgrade in my soul.

God told me that our Holy Ghost Forums were now our new fathering platform. To pass on the move of the Holy Spirit to others is our purpose, but love is always our aim. This is the fulness of God. We must seek His fulness, which is always His love. It’s where every revival seems to fall short because this maturity to love seems to always allude us.

Come join us for our Holy Ghost Forum on Friday and Saturday April 29-30 at The Crossing Life Church in Windham, NH.

Love you all so very much!

A bond slave of Jesus, and a voice crying in the wilderness,

Bro B

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2 comentarios

Amen x1,000. And isn’t your statement ”I refused to blame God for this” the same as Jesus‘ statement “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”??

In a frenzy of righteous indignation David had launched a kingdom of violent bloodshed with five-times as many stones as he needed to slaughter his enemy.

And yet Jesus: fully righteous; fully justified; cast no stones at all. Not at the most wretched of sinners. Not even after 40-days in the wilderness, starving and alone with the real Goliath: Satan himself!

When we have finally loosed, instead of launched, the last stones out of our heart, Satan has lost his final hiding place in us.

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It strikes me that no one in scripture hated his enemy more than David, and no one in scripture suffered in vain more than David.

And aren’t these the same thing

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