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“During the 1990s, there was a renewed interest in the ministry of the apostle. Many books were written on the topic, explaining that the Greek word apostolos refers to God’s special ambassadors, or “sent ones,” who are commissioned to contend for pure doctrine, preserve unity among the saints, equip leaders, model Christian character, and help the church advance into new territory.

But a strange thing happened on the way to recovering genuine apostolic anointing. In true blue American fashion, we began to merchandise it. “No sooner had the first book on apostles been written that some men began to claim the title and print it on their business cards. Apostleship quickly became a fad. Before too long, some men were creating networks of independent churches answerable to a governing apostle who took ownership of their buildings and controlled their congregations. The same type of thing happened with the prophet’s ministry, which created its own set of problems and messes today. Do you see how easily man’s carnal wisdom corrupts the work of God and His sacred ministries?

“Some charismatic apostles became mini-popes who carved out their turfs and domains. Suddenly the independent Charismatic movement had more invasive authoritarianism than the denominations some of these pastors abandoned 20-25 years earlier.” (Excerpt from my book, Cleansing The Temple, chapter 4)


I heard someone say that we might be surprised to find out that many of the things that we’ve considered a blessing from God would actually be counted as a hindrance by Him. We pray and sing, “Send the Fire”, but do we even know what that is? Will we be praising Him when the fire comes for our cell phones, our Netflix, our titles, reputations, and supposed influence in ministry, our positions in the community, or any other thing that distracts us from the things He’s called us to? It seems that we want to be close enough to the fire to stay warm, but that as soon as the heat gets a little intense, we tend to back up.


With all due respect to true apostles and prophets who don’t mind being called by their first name, I’m kinda sick of this whole apostle/prophet thing. It’s nauseating to me because I don’t see the Lamb’s humility or marks of death on most of them. Some tout this revelation and that revelation, they prophesy this and that, tell us they’ve been to heaven 100 times and even played golf with Jesus (no joke), and worst yet is that ignorant gullible people clap for them and clamor for their best selling books that aren’t worth a nickel to sensible Christians. I say, let’s just burn this entire false, paper and plastic apostolic/prophetic movement and start over.

In looking at Pentecost, we tend to focus on the great power and authority that the apostles emerged from the upper room with, but ignore the fact that this sealed them forever as outcasts, in a culture that was openly hostile to just about every aspect of their message. While they accomplished incredible things for the kingdom of God, their lives here on earth didn’t become easier, their enemies didn’t go away, and none of their endings met the worlds’ criteria for living a “happily ever after” life.

Thanks for reading my early morning rant. It’s coming from my innermost being and burden of my heart.

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Rebecca Toy
Rebecca Toy
Apr 11, 2022

I asked one of the famous ‘prophets’ an innocent and honest question based on scripture. I was called a witch and told all who questioned his teachings would be blocked from his social media, which I was! I was completely shocked at how wrong this was to cut off any discussion and label people as ‘witches’ who asked questions. This was a few years ago and since that time, my eyes have been opened to the religious system of men who are honored and exalted, regardless of extra biblical teachings and practices.


So true, so many excesses and excuses. Gamaliel’s advice is always well taken though: “Be careful what you propose to do with… men”. After all, in many respects “God is putting up with all of us!” -K. Hagin :)

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